Measurements: 2.8 cm - length


Description: A selection of steatite scarabs from the renowned Mustaki collection. The depiction of the gods on scarab A is very schematic, but the outlines of Anubis are very discernible. It can be interpreted as a scene between Anubis and his helper that holds the fan, Anubis and his father Set, Anubis and Wepwawet/Upuaut (a wolf-headed deity of war) or even multiplications of Anubis, which also occurred on Egyptian reliefs sometimes. The most likely interpretation of this scarab is that it depicts Anubis and Wepwawet/Upuaut facing each other and standing under a ceremonial shade fan. Anubis was the jackal-headed god associated with mummification and afterlife. He was the one who ushered souls into the afterlife and was always present during the weighing of the heart. Wepwawet was associated with Anubis, similar in rendering (and often confused). He secured open ways to the souls of the dead on the way to afterlife.


Scarab B features a depiction of Thoth holding a large nefer. Thoth is depicted here in his animal guise as a baboon. Thoth had a mediating power, between good and evil and reported upon the weighing of the heart. Nefer as a hieroglyph means something is good or beautiful, yet literally it is a depiction of the heart with a trachea, which what Thoth is carrying here. The pieces are longitudinally pierced and suitable for wear. The price is per individual item. Please e-mail with the letter of your preferential scarab prior to purchase.


Provenance: From the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed a large collection in Alexandria (Egypt). Mustaki was an avid collector in the early 20th century and his collection came to the UK under the Egyptian licence in 1947. Many of his pieces are in major museums worldwide, including the British Museum, the Getty Museum and the Egyptian State Museum. We have purchased over 1700 scarabs from this collection and many of these items were catalogued by Carol Andrews (formerly Egyptian Department in the British Museum.


Period: New Kingdom (1550 – 1077 BC)


Condition: Very fine, chipping to the edges of both scarabs and crazing to the surface.

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