Measurements: 1.5 cm – internal diameter, 1.6 cm – diameter, US size 5, 4.7 g - weight


Description: Fabulous Roman ring with a bright carnelian stone. The carnelian bears an intaglio of a couple – a male and a female facing each other. It is difficult to say whether the scene was intended to be mythological or commemorated a real life event such as marital union or betrothal, but it is quite special and rare in this context. Four gold granules in each corner surround the oval bezel and the sides of the ring are decorated in filigree with S-shaped ornaments of beaded wire. An exquisite example of jewellery craftsmanship in the ancient times. The main centres for jewellery production in the Roman Empire were Alexandria, Antioch, Palmyra and Rome. Most goldsmiths in these centres were of Eastern origin.

Suitable for modern wear.


Period: 3rd – 4th cent. AD


Condition: Very fine.

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