Measurements: 9 cm – height


Description: A blown glass small unguentarium of a ‘test-tube/ type. Vessel of a slender tubular shape has a slight constriction closer to the folded rim marking off the neck of the vessel, drop-like body and irregular flaring rim. The piece is of pale yellow colour. The glass thickens at a base.


Unguentaria were one of the most common objects of Roman blown glass produced in large numbers. They were items of everyday use for keeping expensive perfumes and cosmetics. The shapes changed over the time. This particular one was common during the Flavian period.


Reference: Hayes, W. J., Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 1975, no. 629, 630.

Matheson, S. B., Ancient Glass in the Yale University of Art Gallery, Meriden, 1980, no. 78, 79.


Period: second half of 1st century AD


Condition: Fine. Larger chips to the bottom, scratches to the surface and medium sized bubbles in the glass.

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