Superb Byzantine Matching Pair of Chandelier Earrings

£ 1,950.00

An outstanding matching pair of Byzantine chandelier earrings, featuring an oval loop with a traverse band of pyramidal granulation separated by a band comprising a wavy line. Below the hoop, a wire loop enriched with pearls and glass beads, a lateral bead pendant on either side and a large rhomboid shaped plaque featuring open work, with a central garnet cabochon, and pearls framed by granulation above and below. Three long coiled wire dangles to the bottom, with garnet, pearl and glass beads and two shorter gold sphere pendants in between. A magnificent example of the absolute mastery of Byzantine goldsmiths. Weight: 14.66 g.

Date: Circa 10th – 12th Century AD
Provenance: From a London gentleman’s collection formed since the 1980s; accompanied by an independent specialist report and evaluation by graduate gemmologist and jewellery expert Anna Rogers, GIA GG, BA, Gem-A, ref. no. 171810/07/12/2020.
Condition: Extremely fine. The earrings are suitable for modern wear if attached to modern gold hooks, which is an easy procedure that won’t harm the items, please consult a professional jeweller for alterations.


Product Code: BS-17
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Byzantine jewellery was a continuation of Roman traditions. As in many other cultures throughout history, Byzantine jewellery acted not only as an embellishment, but most importantly as a direct display of someone’s wealth and social status. Interestingly, it also acted as a diplomatic tool. The earring with composite pendant was the most common type of ear ornament during the Byzantine Empire. Precious stones or glass bead may be mounted in box-settings of square, rectangular, or circular shape. We know from literary sources that the production of precious metalwork and jewellery in Imperial workshops was controlled by the Imperial treasury, or officinum, which supervised the Imperial factories that made precious metalwork.

To discover more about jewellery in Ancient Times, please visit our relevant blog post: Jewellery in Antiquity.

Dimensions L 8.4 cm

Southern Europe



Semi-Precious Stone

Garnet, Pearl


Blown Glass

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