Measurements: 4.9 cm height, 2.7 cm width


Description: A small Byzantine bronze cross, decorated on one side with a depiction of figure in orans position, possibly a saint or Christ, and unworked on the other, with suspension loop at the top. The stylised figure is incised and presented in a simple collobium with the feet possibly supported by a small triangular suppedaneum, a large footrest, which would suggest that the figure is Christ. A pelleted halo features at the top, with pelleted details below the outstretched arms. In the Byzantine Empire the cross came to represent the crucifixion and the promise of salvation and everlasting life, and thus the symbol was incorporated into many different forms of jewellery and worn by both the poor and the wealthy. The suspension loop is intact and therefore this piece is suitable for modern wear.


Period: 10th - 12th century AD


Condition: Very fine, with attractive pale green patination over the whole.


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