Measurements: 22.5 cm - height


Description: A pair of Tang Dynasty grey buff moulded clay standing court attendants, both dressed in white and red long robes, with white and black traditional headdress. Their hands are clasped in front of their chest and there is a small hole within their clasped hands used for a burial offering, mainly incense. They are represented in a typical deference pose, characteristic for various types of mingqi.  The original decorative pigments are visible on the whole surface: the facial features, particularly the eyes and the lips, are painted with great delicacy and naturalism. Tang Dynasty mingqi frequently took form of musicians, dancers and servants in clay. They were a part of a complex tomb program and their function also reflected the power of the individual in the earthly world. Price stated is for the pair.


Reference: Further reading on Chinese burials: The Metropolitan Museum


Provenance: From Cheuk collection, Hong Kong.


Period: Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD)


Condition: Very fine. Taller statue intact with minor chipping to the bottom and some crazing and weathering of the surface pigments. Smaller statue has a chip on the back of the headdress and a chip to the base. Also displays some weathering to the surface pigments and minor crazing.

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