Measurements: 14 cm - height


Description: A Gandharan fragmentary grey schist head of Bodhisattva. The figure is shown here wearing a beautifully rendered headpiece, constructed of ribbons and jewels and a miniature stupa to the centre. The Bodhisattva is modelled in classical Gandharan style and displays several of the characteristic auspicious marks, laksanas: these include the forehead mark, urna. With a meditative expression, gently smiling lips, slender nose, crisp, planar intersection of forehead and eyes, this idealized image of a Buddha bears all the classical features of Greek-inspired Gandharan sculptures. The reverse is unmodelled: the flat surface on the reverse indicates that the head was attached to a surface behind rather than free-standing.


According to Buddhist religion, Bodhisattva are enlightened beings who postponed their own salvation in order to help all sentient beings. The Bodhisattva is an ideal type, not a depiction of an historical person. The historical Buddha was himself referred to as a Bodhisattva before becoming the Buddha. Bodhisattvas are indeed more richly attired, compared than other figures of Buddhas, which appear attired as mendicant monks.


Period: Gandhara: Circa 1st - 2nd century A.D

Condition: Very fine condition, intact and complete with signs of aging on the surface. Mounted on a custom-made standard

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