Measurements: height – 20.6cm, with stand: 24.6cm

        width – 18.9cm, with stand: 21,2cm


Description: A Gandharan grey schist fragment depicting a couple, wearing draped garments with cascading folds. The man, on the right is kneeling, his left elbow on his left knee and holding a flower in his right hand. The woman at his right side is standing, holding an object in her left arm as her hair is styled in an ushnisha (top-knot of hair). They are both below an ornamental arc with birds at each sides of it. The item is mounted on a custom-made stand. Back unworked.


Images of donors and worshipers offering flowers and other tributes are prevalent throughout Gandharan art.


Period: Gandhara, circa 2nd - 3rd cent. AD


Condition: Very fine. Slight encrustations on the surface.

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