Measurements: 28 cm – height, 23 cm – width


Description: A part-glazed cream-coloured Tang Dynasty circular wan nian whiteware jar with high shoulders that narrow to a short, waisted neck and a mouth with an everted lip, and a slightly splayed base. The jar has a noticeably lovely cream-coloured glaze extending from the top to mid-way down the body. Its shape and glaze are typical of this period. The wan nian type, meaning 'myriad year' due to the popularity of this jar type as a funerary vessel, denotes a plain storage jar, without lugs or decorative additions and without the dish mouth. Judged from the variety of their shapes, the jars produced in whiteware attributed to the Xing kilns, such as this piece, stand at the head of the Tang series of jars.


Reference: Watson, W., Tang and Liao Ceramics, 1984, pp. 108-113

Christie's sale 2773, lot 36.

Christie's sale 4022, lot 1468.


Period: Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD


Condition: Very fine, intact, with some crazing to the surface glaze, a chip to the mouth and to the foot, and a few small dark marks on the body.

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