Measurements: 24.5 cm - height


Description: A lovely pair of Tang Dynasty statues of female court musicians. Simply rendered with rounded physiognomy, in long robes decorated with red, green, ochre and orange pigments. Their faces are delicately modelled and emphasized with black pigment. One of the musicians is holding a small yueqin (a type of Chinese lute) and the other is shown playing semi-circular pan flute. The price is for the pair.

Dated to early Tang Dynasty, they reflect the golden age of court performances. The performances were eclectic and on a grand-scale, sometimes with tens of thousands of performers. With its keen interest in other cultures, the Tang court received musicians and performing arts groups from many regions. Such a wide range of performers included: acrobats, ceremonial dancers, clowns, singers, musicians, martial arts masters…


Provenance: From Cheuk collection, Hong Kong.


Period: Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD)


Condition: Very fine, intact, with crazing to the surface and worn out pigments in places. Chipping to the bottom and encrustations on the surface.

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