Measurements: 19 cm - height


Description: A quaint pair of Ming Dynasty court attendants of small size with a sancai-glazed surface. The attendants are shown standing on an integrated rectangular base, wearing long-sleeved court robes in ochre and green with faces unglazed and showing traces of balck pigment that define their features. The male attendant wears a conical hat and holds a yellow teapot in his right hand, while the female attendant has her hair bound high up on the head and is carrying a cloth.


These attendants are excellent examples of Ming Dynasty tomb pottery of this time. The glazed sculptures were placed in burial chambers in order to flaunt the social status, wealth and power. The more diverse the processional figures were, the more powerful individual they were intended for.


Reference: Caroselli, S. L., The Quest for Eternity.


Period: Ming Dynasty, 14th – 17th cent. AD


Condition: The figures have encrustations on the surface, minor chipping to the bases and hands. The glaze has flaked in parts. Otherwise intact and in very fine condition.

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