Measurements: 23 cm - height


Description: An exquisite and finely cast Tibetan bronze statuette depicting Gautama, the Buddha of the future, portrayed seated in vajrasana with his hands in abhayamudra and varadamudra. A beautifully rendered lotus base holds the composition. Base sealed.


With small mouth, slender nose, crisp, planar intersection of forehead and eyes, this idealized image of a Buddha bears all the classical features of Sino-Tibetan sculptures. The Boddhisattva displays several of the characteristic auspicious marks, laksanas, of the Buddha: these include the prominent hair-knot, ushnisha, and the forehead mark, urna. The figure’s head is crowned by and elegant and richly beaded five-foliate headpiece.


Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact. Beautiful dark brown patination on the surface.


Period: 19th century, Tibet.


Provenance: UK art market, acquired prior to 2000.

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