Measurements: lid – 14.8 cm, jar – 23 cm, stand – 29.2 cm, combined – 60 cm


Description: A white ceramic, lidded Tang jar on a lotus-shaped stand with animal protomes. The jar, the lid and the stand are separate, of white colour with traces of red painting. The spiked lid topped with a lotus flower, as well as the lotus shaped stand, are reminiscent of a pagoda. The stand has a flared stem pierced with circle and heart shapes for ornamentation topped with a band of decorative animal protomes, most likely guardian lions, alternating with protruding button-like protomes. Above them is the lotus-shaped opening for the jar, a stylized lotus chalice from which Buddha and infant souls were reborn. The jar is globular with a slightly flaring mouth, a high shoulder, topped with a lid in shape of the top part of a pagoda, an architectural shape meant to be a Taoist building for worship, terminating with a lotus flower.


Reference: Collection of pagoda pots in the Henan Museum.


Period: Tang Dynasty, 618-906 AD


Condition: Fine, traces of earthen incrustations, small chip to the bottom of the stand and the lotus on the lid.

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