Ca Mau Shipwreck Cup and Saucer Set

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A very elegant matching blue and white Chinese Ca Mau ware cup and saucer set, displaying a delicate floral decoration.

Date: Early 18th Century AD
Provenance: From the Ca Mau shipwreck sank between 1723-1735, recovered in 1998.
Condition: Very fine, with minor deposits and encrustation.


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This tea cup and saucer were made around 1725 at the porcelain workshops in Jingdezhen in southern China. They come from the Ca Mau shipwreck, sunk between 1725-1735, which Vietnamese fishermen discovered off the coast of the Ca Mau Peninsula in southern Vietnam in 1998. It is believed the wreck was a Chinese merchant’s junk on its way from Canton (Guangzhou) to Batavia when it caught fire and sank around 1725. The merchant had ordered the goods on board for Dutch traders, who had limited access to China and its ports. This cup and saucer were made for the European market.

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Dimensions W 10.6 cm

East Asia (Far East)


Blue and White Porcelain