Tang Glazed Soldier Statuette

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A Chinese Tang Dynasty hollow-cast straw-glazed terracotta figure of a standing soldier with hooded cape. The figure’s hands are held to the chest and clasped together with a small hole for insertion of an original model spear. Such holes were used as well for inserting incense sticks, because these statues are mainly found in burials of court dignitaries. A rich amber glaze covers the soldier’s cloak.

Date: Circa 618-906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Some surface damage and crazing to the surface.


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This soldier is an example of Tang Dynasty tomb figures of this time. Glazed earthenware figures were placed in the burial chambers of the elite in the belief that the figures represented would become available for the service of the deceased in the afterlife. The more diverse the processional figures were, the more powerful the individual with whom these figures were buried was. Many of these tomb figures were lead-glazed sancai wares, meaning they were decorated in three colours of brown, green, and creamy off-white, however this piece is straw-glazed. The Tang dynasty represents a golden age of achievement in Chinese history.

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Dimensions H 25.5 cm

Straw or Ash Glaze


East Asia (Far East)



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