Carnelian Mandrake Amulet

£ 150.00

An Ancient Egyptian carnelian amulet, carefully carved in the shape of a mandrake fruit. A series of vertical lines have been incised for decorative purposes. The back is unmodelled and displays earthly encrustations. The amulet is pierced longitudinally at the top for suspension.

Date: 1550 – 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom
Condition: Fine, complete and intact.


Product Code: ES-29

The mandrake became a popular image in Egyptian art because the plant and its berries were associated with the concepts of love and desire, possibly to be achieved or aided by a potion made from the plant. Across the Ancient world, there are a number of pieces that would have been worn by their owners for the sake of protection, primarily amulets. Jewellery of this apotropaic nature most often takes shape in the form of pendants, and we find them in abundance from a number of civilisations, especially Egypt. These amulets covered a broad range of subjects in their iconography.

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Dimensions H 1.5 cm
Semi-Precious Stone



North Africa