Measurements: 2.5 cm - length


Description: An Ancient Egyptian bright blue faience spacer bead, decorated similarly on both sides with a row of four deities. Pierced longitudinally through the centre for suspension. The British Museum comments on the purpose of spacer beads: ‘As well as being decorative, spacer beads served a practical function. They were strung at intervals in necklaces and other complex jewellery to prevent the strings from sagging and tangling. As with most objects in ancient Egypt, the opportunity was taken to decorate these practical objects.’


Reference: Borromeo, G., Leveque, M., Dunn Friedman, F., Gifts Of The Nile: Ancient Egyptian Faience, 1997, pg. 193.

The British Museum


Period: Third Intermediate Period, 1070 – 664 BC

Condition: Very fine, with attractive bright glaze.

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