Measurements: 2.3 cm - height, 0.7 cm - width


Description: A beautiful blue coloured hardstone Romano-Egyptian amulet in the shape of an obelisk. Obelisks played a vital role in the religious beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, so much so that they were a prominent feature in the culture’s architecture. Within Egypt’s polytheism, the symbol of the Obelisk was meant to represent the sun god Ra. Even with the religious reform in the Amarna period, under the pharaoh Akhenaten, it was said that the obelisk was a petrified sun ray of the principle god Aten. It was thought that the god also existed within this structure, hence the Obelisks’ significance and importance. Their traditional place was in pairs at the entrance of sacred buildings. However, the Obelisk was not only a grand architectural feat, erected by kings in front of temples. From Old Kingdom burial grounds, small soft stone obelisks have been found at the entrance of private tombs. 


Period: 1stcentury BC- 1stcentury AD


Condition: Very fine condition, the amulet has been professionally repaired. 

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