Measurements: item A: 1 cm – width, item B: 1 cm – width, item C: 1.2 cm – width, item D: 0.8 cm - width



Description: A selection of miniature amulets of the eye of Horus, also known as Wedjat eyes. Item A is made of deep red and green jasper and longitudinally pierced and suitable for wear. Item B is made of bright blue glass, which was used to make beads, amulets and inlays. This amulet features a small suspension loop on top. Item C is made of diorite, an extremely hard rock that Egyptians used to carve granite with. It was a very popular and durable stone. Item C was made in Third Intermediate Period and it is longitudinally pierced. Item D is made of lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone, very rare and sought after for making amulets and ornaments. The price is per individual item. Please e-mail with the letter of your preferential Eye of Horus prior to purchase. Item A and D have SOLD.


Reference: Nicholson, P. T., Shaw, I., Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, 2000.


Period: Third Intermediate Period (1075 – 712 BC) to 1st cent. BC


Condition: Very fine.

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