Measurements: 14 cm – width, 10.3 cm - height


Description: Beaded mummy masks in beige or light blue outline with blue or dark green infill and red and black detailing. Border in turquoise or beige colour. Beaded mummy masks such as this one were often added to the wraps of the facial area of the deceased in the embalming process (see here), mostly for decorative or protective purposes. It is uncertain whether they represent the deceased or god Osiris since many of them are rendered in the same way. It is certain, however, that they depict a deceased subject due to their blue-greenish colour normally reserved for depictions of the dead god Osiris on the walls of the tombs. Price is for each item, please state any preference while ordering. ITEMS A HAS SOLD.


Period: Late Dynastic Period, 715-332 BC


Condition: Very fine, restrung.


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