Measurements: length – 4.6 cm 


Description: An Egyptian amulet of god Nefertum. Small blue-glazed amulet, with a suspension loop on the back. Deity wears a black-glazed tripartite wig, a beard and a lotus flower on his head. He is shown with his left leg advanced, wearing a belted kilt (Shenti apron). His complete headdress is composed of a lotus flower with palm branches sticking out. This is his typical pose: standing up, striding forward with one leg. He was considered a beautiful young man. This male deity was a son of war goddess Sekhmet and creator god Ptah with whom he forms the Memphis triad. He represented first sun and the smell of the blue lotus - a flower that first arisen from the primordial water at the creation of world.


Reference: Blanchard, R.H.; Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy amulets, 1909, Pl. 30, Fig. 156, 158; Christie’s sale 1445, lot 66; Christie’s sale 7207, lot 49.


Period: Amarna period, circa 30-50 BC


Condition: Fine, feet and the stand have been broken off and a part of the headdress.

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