Measurements: 5.2 cm – height, 3.4 cm – lid diameter


Description: A small quaint offering cup made of unglazed faience. The cup has a lid that was made separately; hence it does not fit perfectly. The cup is shaped like a chalice on a wide flaring foot and a shallow inner cavity.


These offering cups contained the various sacred perfumed oils that were used during both funeral and daily rites. They were often inscribed with hieroglyphs describing their contents and glazed. This little cup would have been a part of an offering tray where it would have been set on a base with similar vessels with various sacred unguents.


Reference: Christie’s sale 2323, lot 45.


Period: Late Period to Ptolemaic Period (664 – 30 BC)


Condition: Very fine, intact, unglazed surface and minor discolorations to the lid.


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