Measurements: 13 cm – height


Description: A pale blue faience Egyptian shabti, featuring a dorsal pillar, tripartite wig and plaited beard. Arms crossed right to left on the chest; hands protrude from a close fitting shroud to hold in his right hand a pick and in the left a hoe and the chord for a basket which is suspended behind the left shoulder. A vertical band of hieroglyphics runs down the body.


Shabtis (or ushabti) are small mummy-shaped figures often inscribed with titles and names, sometimes including parentage of the person that made them as a part of funerary equipment. Shabti are the most numerous of all Egyptian antiquities and they were originally placed in an Ancient Egyptian tombs to assist the deceased in the afterlife.


Period: Late Dynastic Period, circa 664-332 BC


Condition: Fine, with signs of aging visible to the surface. Facial features and hieroglyphics still finely detailed.


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