Measurements: length - 2.4 cm


Description: An Egyptian glazed amulet in turquoise colour in a shape of the scarab. It features a naturalistic underside with a hoop for attachment. It was used in funerary context. Egyptians regarded the scarab as an embodiment of the creator god, who was self-engendered, based on the belief that scarab (dung) beetles were self-creating. Scarabs are the most popular and most numerous of all Egyptian artefacts. Except for special funerary and royal commemorative scarabs, on average they are small-sized like this piece.  The vast majority of scarabs are amulets providing protection and attracting good luck for the living.


Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of ancient Egypt, 1994, Fig. 59g.


Period: 26th Dynasty, 664 – 525 BC


Condition: Very fine, intact.

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