Measurements: 2.9 cm - diameter


Description: A beautiful rare stud with domed gold surface with a suspension loop to the reverse. The floral motif is assembled from radiating Y-shaped lapis lazuli arms with leaf-shaped carnelian petals and hardstone (possibly turquoise) panels. This lovely rare piece is suitable for modern wear (with care) and would look lovely as a necklace pendant.


The technique of inlaying objects, especially jewellery, was developed to perfection in ancient Egypt, with the art being much imitated by neighbouring civilisations. The Egyptians used a range of materials for inlaying their jewellery, from glass to semi-precious stones, such as lapis lazuli that was imported from far-off Afghanistan. Many of the craftsmen were employed to create masterpieces that were destined for the royal courts, the wealthy and also the temples.


Provenance: Property of a Mayfair gentleman; acquired by the family during the 1970s.


Period: 1st millennium BC


Condition: Very fine, rare piece.

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