Measurements: item A: 2.8 cm – height; item B: 2.7 cm - height; item C: 3.2 cm - height; item D: 3.3 cm – height; item E: 3.2 cm– height; item F: 3.3 cm – height.



Description: A selection of six faience amulets depicting various Egyptian gods. 


Item A is a depiction of the goddess Nephthys, portrayed as a young woman wearing a headdress in the shape of a house and basket. The sister of Isis and Osiris, she represented the death experience, just as her sister Isis represented the birth experience instead.


Item B is a depiction of Thoth, shown as a man with an Ibis head. He was the god of wisdom, writing and magic and occupied a special position on the side of Ra’s solar barge.


Item C is a depiction of the sun god Ra, portrayed as a human with a falcon head and the sun disk above his head. He was one of the most prominent gods in Ancient Egypt, believed to rule on the entire known world: the Sky, the Earth and also the underworld.


Item D is a depiction of the god Horus with the Falcon head and wearing the double crown, or Pschent. Pharaohs wore this special crown and it symbolized their power among all of unified Egypt. Horus was one of the most prominent Egyptian gods, he was said to be the sky, containing the sun and moon.


Item E is a depiction of the goddess Isis, the mother of Horus and sister-wife of Osiris. She is shown striding forward and wearing the headdress, the symbol of the throne, as she was thought to be the personification of the throne. She was a very important mother figure, goddess of kingship and protector of the kingdom.


Item F is a depiction of the god Sobek, represented as human with a crocodile head. He was associated with pharaonic power, fertility, but also had apotropaic powers, acting as a protector against harm and dangers represented by the river Nile.


The price is per individual item. Please e-mail with the letter of your preferential amulet prior to purchase. Letter B and D have SOLD.


Period: Late Period (664-332 BC) to Ptolemaic Period (305 – 30 BC)


Condition: Very fine, all amulets feature a loop for suspension. Item A’s loop holds earthly encrustation inside.

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