Measurements: height- 5.3 cm, width- 2.3 cm


Description: An Egyptian blue glazed faience amulet of the dwarf god Bes. The deity is here portrayed in his typical position, squatting with widened legs, hands on his knees and protuberant belly, and wearing an ostrich feather headdress. The amulet is modelled front and back, with a horizontal hole for suspension.


Across the ancient world, there are a number of pieces that would have been worn by their owners for the sake of protection, primarily amulets. Bes was, along with his feminine counterpart Besset, the Ancient Egyptian deity worshipped as a protector of household and in particular of mothers, childbearing women, children and childbirth. He was also the protector of the household, fighting off everything that could threaten a serene home, thus fighting off all evil spirits, killing snakes and looking after children. Interestingly, he was also regarded as the protector of sleep and thought to bring sweet dreams.


Condition: Fine, some earthly encrustations on the front and back, overall very fine conditions.


Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period, 1353-1336 BC

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