Measurements: 3 cm - height


Description: A very fine Ancient Egyptian glazed turquoise faience amulet in the shape of the god Horus as falcon. The amulet features a flat unworked reverse and a suspension loop to the top. Details of the wing, eye and the beak are emphasised in dark blue pigmentation.  The deity is depicted demi bust, shown on profile with the falcon’s beak clearly identifiable.


In Ancient Egyptian mythology Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris and one of the main gods in the Egyptian pantheon. Horus was worshipped through the late Pre-dynastic period to Greco-Roman times. The falcon was considered an animal sacred to Horus, hence amulets depicting the falcon were believed to protect the wearer against violence and threats.


Condition: Some accretions on the surface, overall very fine.


Period: Circa 26th Dynasty, 664-525 BC

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