Measurements: 2 cm – length, 1.9 cm - width


Description: An exceptionally fine amulet with a head of Bes made of turquoise. The style of this piece is extremely fine; the physiognomy of the god shows the finest details like the deep-set eyes with eyelids, eyebrows and wrinkles showing. Ears and mouth are finely crafted as well, displaying the skill of the sculptor. Pierced horizontally in the back. Back is unworked and polished. 


Bes was an ancient Egyptian dwarf god, patron of childbirth and home. He was associated with sexuality, humour, music and dancing. His image appears on a number of magic wands that are thought to be associated with birthing rituals. It was during the Ptolemaic period that the popularity of Bes reached its peak - shrines associated with god, known as Mammisi, or birth chambers were built close to the temples of major gods and had incubation chambers within them for healing ceremonies, most likely associated with fertility and birth.


Provenance: Ex. collection formed in the early 20th century.


Period: Ptolemaic Period, 332 – 30 BC.


Condition: Extremely fine, with minor encrustations.

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