Measurements: 1.3 cm – height, 0.6 cm - width


Description: An Egyptian jasper amulet, carefully carved in the shape of a Menat counterpoise, and longitudinally pierced for suspension.  The Menat was an elaborate necklace of multiple string beads, which as well as being worn could be shaken ritualistically to emit a rattling noise used to accompany songs and dances, usually in honour of the Egyptian goddess Hathor. Their heavy weight necessitated a counterpoise, which was worn between the shoulder blades.


Amulets in the shape of counterpoises were extremely popular in Ancient Egyptian religion from the New Kingdom onwards, and they were used for protection, to calm a divine power, or as funerary gifts. The counterpoise could function independently as an amulet or be worn as a pendant on a chain.


Period: New Kingdom, circa 1550-1070 BC


Condition: Fine, complete and intact.

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