Measurements: 50 cm - length


Description: A beautiful Egyptian necklace of tubular and spheroid agate and carnelian beads. To the base sit three faience amulets of Horus, in the form of a sitting hawk and two faience amulets of Bastet, in the form of a sitting cat. The beads have been restrung on modern wire, ready for the addition of a suitable fastener. 


An integral part of Ancient Egyptian culture, amulets were considered to possess protective and empowering properties for the benefit of their wearer. They held different meanings, depending on their type or form. Small amulets depicting gods and goddesses seem to have induced the protective powers of the deity. 


The god Horus embodied divine kingship: as god of the sky, he was depicted as a hawk or a man with a hawk’s head. Bastet was amongst the most important and venerated deities in ancient Egypt. Daughter and consort of Ra, the sun god, she was the protective goddess of house, of women and fertility and also thought to fight off contagious diseases. 


Period: Late Period, 664-332 BC


Condition: Very fine, restrung and suitable for modern wear.

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