Measurements: 68 cm – total length, 33.5 cm – wearable length


Description: A long restrung necklace consists of an ancient Egyptian faience beads and Djed pillar pendant. The Djed pillar is a symbol of regeneration associated with the funerary and fertility god Osiris and thought to represent his spine in a shape of a column with four parallel crossbars in the upper section. The amulet pendant is of a light blue colour and dated to the 26th – 29th Dynasty, the Late Period. The beads are dated to the period of New Kingdom, the time of great pharaohs Tutankhamun and Ramses. Tubular and flattened round beads are of a pale green, brown, cream, white, bright turquoise and grey colours, alternated in various combinations, mostly glazed. The item is suitable for modern wear and ideal as a gift.


Reference: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For the beads: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Period: Djed pillar amulet: 664 – 332 BC, beads: 1550 – 1077 BC


Condition: Very fine. With minor earthy encrustations to the surface.


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