Measurements: 55 cm - length


Description: A long restrung necklace consisting of Ancient Egyptian faience beads and a Djed pillar pendant. The amulet pendant is of a light blue colour and dated to the 26th – 29th Dynasty, the Late Period. The beads are dated to the period of New Kingdom, the time of great pharaohs Tutankhamun and Ramses. Tubular and flattened round beads are of a pale green, brown, cream, white, bright turquoise and grey colours, alternated in various combinations, mostly glazed.

The Djed pillar is a symbol of regeneration associated with the funerary and fertility god Osiris and thought to represent his spine in a shape of a column with four parallel crossbars in the upper section.  Across the ancient world, there are a number of pieces that would have been worn by their owners for the sake of protection, primarily amulets. Jewellery of this apotropaic nature most often takes shape in the form of pendants, and we find them in abundance from a number of civilisations, especially Egypt. These amulets covered a broad range of subjects in their iconography.


Period: Djed pillar amulet: 664 – 332 BC, beads: 1550 – 1077 BC


Condition: Very fine. With minor earthy encrustations to the surface. The item is suitable for modern wear and ideal as a gift.

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