Measurements: 82 cm – overall length, 40 cm – wearable length


Description: A long restrung necklace consisting of an ancient Egyptian faience beads and a Wedjat eye pendant. The Wedjat eye was a popular apotropaic and healing symbol in the shape of a left eye of the falcon-headed god Horus. The amulet pendant is double-sided, of a rich turquoise colour and dated to the 26th – 29th Dynasty, the Late Period. The beads are dated to the period of New Kingdom, the time of great pharaohs Tutankhamun and Ramses. Tubular and flattened round beads are of pale green, brown, cream, white, bright turquoise and grey colours, alternated in various combinations, mostly glazed. The item is suitable for modern wear and ideal as a gift.


Reference: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For the beads: The Metropolitan Museum of Art  


Period: Wedjat eye amulet: 664 – 332 BC, beads: 1550 – 1077 BC


Condition: Very fine. The amulet has slight signs of wear to the edges of the relief.

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