Measurements: item A: 2.4 cm − height, item B: 3.9 cm − height, item C: 3.4 cm − height, item D: 3 cm − height


Description: A selection of four faience amulets depicting various Egyptian gods. Item A is a depiction of the falcon Horus with extended tail and elaborate crown, with a pierced and ribbed suspension loop on the back. Amulets of Horus were thought to bring the wearer protection and good health. Item B depicts the goddess Taweret, the humanoid combination of a hippopotamus, crocodile and lion. Amulets of Taweret were worn by pregnant women who sought protection from evil spirits. This amulet has a pierced suspension loop on the back. The goddess stands clutching her pregnant stomach, and is shown with typically pendulous breasts. Item C is an amulet of Anubis, the god of mummification, who appears as a man with a canine head. A funerary priest or a mortician responsible for mummifications might have worn this amulet. The god stands stiffly with his fists clenched and held tightly at his sides, wearing the shendyt, a kilt-like garment worn by pharaohs, deities and commoners alike. Anubis was present during the weighing of the soul. Item D depicts Isis seated on a decorated throne. She wears a long close-fitting sheath dress and a tripartite wig. A crown in the shape of the throne hieroglyph rests atop her head. She is holding her left breast with her right hand and feeding her infant son Horus with her left hand. There is no suspension loop. This figure group is one of the most popular representations, becoming prolific by the Late Period, as Isis was worshipped as the mother of Horus, who was considered the counterpart of the living pharaoh. The price is per individual item. Please e-mail with the letter of your preferential amulet prior to purchase. ITEM A HAS SOLD. IEM C HAS SOLD.


Provenance: Ex. 1930's English collection.


References: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Princeton University Art Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Freer Gallery of Art


Period: Late Period (664-332 BC) to Ptolemaic Period (305 – 30 BC)


Condition: Item A is very fine, with a repair to Horus's crown, minor chipping to the base and encrustations to the body and crown. Item B is fine, with one of Taweret's breasts missing, a crack to the head, chip to the shoulder and base, and encrustations over the whole including the hole of the suspension loop. Item C is very fine, intact, with detailed features and minor encrustations. Item D is very fine, with a repair to Isis's head, detailed features, minor chipping and some encrustations over the whole.


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