Measurements: 2.4 cm - height


Description: An ancient Egyptian glazed composition amulet of dwarf god Bes in deep green faience. Modelled in a grotesque manner, with a grimaced face, a protruding snout and pointy ears. He is depicted with full beard and loose hair, wearing tall headdress of four large incised plumes. His body postured in a triangular formation of a typical squat with hands on his knees, prominent belly with deep navel and wide chest and long tail hanging down from his back; standing on an integral plinth. A horizontal hole for the suspension is drilled at the base of the headdress.


Bes protected women in labour and small children. He was a marriage god and a deity that overlooked women’s adornment habits. Thus he was often carved on mirrors and toiletries. In addition, he was a protector of sleep, ensuring sweet dreams. He is commonly depicted as a robust dwarf god with a headdress of ostrich feathers, front facing the viewer. Amulets of Bes were worn on a regular basis. Suitable for modern wear.


Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of Ancient Egypt, London, 1994, p. 40, ill. 37d.

R.H. Blanchard; Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy amulets, 1909, Pl. 10, Fig. 42.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Antiquities Museum


Period: Late Period, 7th – 4th century BC


Condition: Very fine, intact, minor chip to the base of the headdress and minor chip to the back.

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