Measurements: 3.4 cm – height


Description: A miniature Egyptian veined alabaster kohl pot. The body is piriform with a base indicated with a single incision; the vessel has a short neck and a wide flat rim.


Cosmetics and other toiletries were highly valued by the ancient Egyptians. Both men and women wore eye make-up, which served to protect the eyes from the bright sun and from blowing sand and dust. Pigment was made from either green malachite or from black galena and was kept in a powdered form known as 'kohl', in specially made containers that were frequently carved from hard stones, and featuring a squat body, flat lip and rim, and a neck opening just wide enough for the insertion of a finger or kohl stick.


Reference: The Metropolitan Museum


Period: Middle Kingdom (1981-1640 BC)


Condition: Very fine, chipping to the bottom rim and a chip to the mouth of the vessel.

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