Egyptian Amarna Blue Bead Necklace

£ 400.00

A restrung Ancient Egyptian necklace with blue faience beads from the Amarna period. The beads display alternating shades of blue, which mimic the colours of lapis lazuli and turquoise. This simple but beautiful design has a distinctly timeless quality.

Date: Circa 1353 - 1336 BC
Period: New Kingdom, Amarna Period
Condition: Fine, the necklace has been restrung.


Product Code: ES-65

The Amarna Period of Egyptian history began with the reign of Akhenaten, the father of Tutankhamun in 1353 BC, and lasted up until 1292 BC. The period was marked by a rise in monotheism and by a surprising change in artistic style, which had previously been very consistent, making Amarna period art particularly recognisable.

Dimensions L 38 cm

Blue Faience, Turquoise Faience


North Africa

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