Egyptian Amulet of Bes

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An Ancient Egyptian amulet of the dwarf god Bes in pale turquoise faience. The deity is portrayed in his typical position, squatting with widened legs, hands on his knees and protruding belly and wearing an ostrich feather headdress. The amulet is modelled front and back, with a horizontal hole for suspension.

Date: Circa 664-332 BC
Period: Late Period
Condition: Very fine, intact, some encrustation on the surface.


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In Egyptian mythology and culture Bes acted as a protector of the household, of women in labour and small children. He was a marriage god and a deity that overlooked women’s adornment habits. Thus he was often carved on mirrors and toiletries. In addition, he was a protector of sleep, ensuring sweet dreams. He is commonly depicted as a robust dwarf god with a headdress of ostrich feathers, front facing the viewer. Amulets of Bes were worn on a regular basis and were common to young women.

To discover more about this interesting Ancient Egyptian deity, please visit our relevant post: Bes: Guardian of Women, Children and Sleep.

Dimensions H 3.7 cm
Egyptian Mythology



Turquoise Faience


North Africa

Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 74.51.4473.

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