Measurements: 4.1 cm - height, 3.7 cm - width


Description: A blue-green faience protome depicting a Horus hawk wearing the solar disc; pierced for attachment; flat backed. Two specimens of such an amlet were placed on Late period mummies: These heads formed the ends of the Ousekh collar and their presence indicated the existence of the whole collar which was necessary for the entrance of the deceased to the other world.


Horus was usually depicted with a falcon’s head; he was god of the sky and a solar divinity, thus this bird was chosen. He was a son of Osiris and Isis and with them formed the most important divine trinity in Egyptian religion. He was worshipped throughout Egypt, sometimes as chief deity. He was also considered the ancestor of all pharaohs. In the afterlife he often presides during the weighing of one’s soul.


Period: Late Dynastic period: 4th century BC


Reference: R.H. Blanchard; Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy amulets (1909) pl. XXII page 92.


Condition: Very fine. Small chip at lower end.

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