Measurements: 3.6 cm - height


Description: An ancient Egyptian amulet in rich blue-green faience of Ptaichos, the bandy legged dwarf, god of protection, standing with arms akimbo and hands to his pot belly, the details to face well depicted. He stands on an integral base with small suspension loop to the back of the neck.


Ptaichos is one of the forms of god Ptah, sometimes called Ptah Embryon or Ptah Seker. He is a patron of artisans and artists. In his dwarf incarnation he is a protector against dangerous animals and all kinds of evil. His head is abnormally large like the head of a baby and it is shaved completely, aside from the lock of childhood. Commonly depicted standing on the crocodiles or holding snakes and dangerous evil creatures reinforcing his protective properties.


Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of Ancient Egypt, London, 1994, p. 39, ill. 36a.

R.H. Blanchard, Handbook of Egyptian Gods and Mummy amulets, 1909, Pl. 40.

The Metropolitan Museum

Period: Third Intermediate Period, 11th – 7th cent. BC


Condition: Very fine, intact.

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