Egyptian Bronze Barbed Arrowhead

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An ancient Egyptian bronze arrowhead, featuring a long triangular blade with elongated barbs. The main body includes a slight mid-rib with a central triangular protrusion before the tang, the majority of which is now missing. There is an incised linear marking on one side of the arrowhead, at its centre. Possibly such markings indicated the troop division.

Date: Circa 1550–1292 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period, 18th Dynasty
Provenance: Ex English collection, 1970s.
Condition: Very fine condition.


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The New Kingdom Period of Egypt is considered a golden era in ancient history, as it marks the peak of Egypt’s power and prosperity. There was an advancement in military power with technical achievements brought by the Hyskos period. Particularly in warfare, the Egyptians adapted new techniques and developed improved weapons; including the horse and chariot, bronze arrowheads and battle axes, and the composite bow.

These types of arrowheads, rhombic in form with protruding barbs, have been found across the Southern Mediterranean; from Thebes, to Mycenae and Bologna. Unusual in form, their unique protruding, triangular knob at the base of the blade was ultimately intended to halt the protrusion of the blade, however the inclusion of barbs meant the tool was meant to penetrate. The inscription across the midrib does seem to be a feature unique to those found in Egypt and could possibly refer to the troop number. Their form changes over time, with the blade featuring straight edges, although examples still retain their triangular protrusion. Arrowheads with curved blade edges did not continue past 700 BC within Egypt.

Weight 12.2 g
Dimensions L 4.6 x W 1.7 cm



North Africa

Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, accession number 08.99.16.

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