Egyptian Ceremonial Marble Mace Head

£ 1,000.00

An extremely fine and well-preserved Egyptian spherical ceremonial mace head of finely veined black marble, drilled through the centre for attachment. The weapon is supplied with a custom-made wooden stand. Mace heads of this type can be traced back to predynastic Egypt.

Date: Circa 4th Millennium-3rd Millennium BC
Period: Predynastic Egypt
Condition: Very fine condition, mounted on a custom-made stand.


Product Code: ES-104

Maces were extensively used in Egypt and neighbouring Canaan from the middle of the 4th millennium BC to the middle of the 3rd. Using the mace required a rather great physical force. Because of this its usage was abandoned by military in many places, but it however remained a symbol of power for the rulers. For instance, in the Karnak reliefs, Seti I was depicted on foot wielding a mace, smiting his enemies.

Dimensions L 4.6 x W 5.9 cm



North Africa

Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 10.176.101.

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