Egyptian Chalcedony Mace

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An elegant Ancient Egyptian piriform shaped mace, made of grey chalcedony with an onyx vein. The piece is pierced for mounting on a wooden club. This rounded pear form of mace head known as a ‘piriform’ replaced the disc mace in the Naqada II period of pre-dynastic Upper Egypt (3600 – 3250 BC) and was used throughout the Naqada III period (3250 – 3100 BC).

Date: 3600 – 3150 BC (Naqada II and Naqada III)
Period: Predynastic period
Condition: Very fine, intact.


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Maces were extensively used in Egypt and neighbouring Canaan from the middle of the 4th millennium BC to the middle of the 3rd. Using the mace required a rather great physical force. Because of this its usage was abandoned by military in many places, but it however remained a symbol of power for the rulers. For instance, in the Karnak reliefs, Seti I was depicted on foot wielding a mace, smiting his enemies.

Dimensions H 5.4 cm

North Africa

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