Egyptian Faience Statuette Amulet

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An Egyptian faience amulet of a goddess, possibly Isis, here portrayed with a dorsal pillar and headdress, a suspension loop to the back.

Date: Circa 305-30 BC
Period: Ptolemaic Kingdom
Condition: Small chip to the back of the headdress, otherwise fine. Repaired.


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Amulets of Isis were primarily used for protection and were placed on the mummy to aid in the afterlife, as Isis was the protective mother goddess. Although the subject of this statuette is difficult to discern, the headdress is an unmistakable sign that a goddess is in question. As a characteristic headdress of male and female Egyptian deities, she might have been wearing a Double Crown (combined headdress consisting of crown of Upper and Lower Egypt) that the chipped part suggests.

Dimensions H 4.4 cm
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