Egyptian New Kingdom Palm Leaf Sandals

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A pair of Ancient Egyptian sandals made from plaited reed and palm leaves interwoven together. Although the overall shape is hard to distinguish, the sandals feature rising sides, to enclose the foot, a small toe cap and flat sole. A woven strap attaching both sides of the shoe would have gone across the bridge of the foot, securing the sandal in place.

Date: Circa 1550-1069 BC
Period: New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII-XX
Provenance: Private collection of J. Lawton. From an early 20th century collection previously.
Condition: Fine, extremely rare and good condition for material and age. Supplied with custom-made glass presentation box.
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As part of New Kingdom burial practices, wealthy Egyptian elites would include sandals and other items of clothing within their tombs. They were for the deceased to supposedly use in the afterlife, as they carried on with every day and normal tasks. Some of the finest samples of Ancient Egyptian palm leaf sandals have been recovered from tombs in the Valley of the Kings, where many Pharaohs have been buried.

Dimensions L 32 x H 23 cm

North Africa


Palm Leaves, Reed Leaves

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