Measurements: 4.4 cm - height


Description: An Ancient Egyptian dark blue faience amulet depicting the Osirian triad, Nephthys, Horus and Isis, standing side-by-side on an integral plinth against a back pillar, each goddess wearing a tightly-fitted sheath and a headdress with her attribute, each holding one of the divine child's hand.  The amulet features a top suspension loop and is flat backed. The Triad amulet was especially popular during the Saite Period (26th Dynasty).


These three deities make up the Osirian triad from the great myth in Egyptian funerary religion. Horus, the young boy in the center, was the son of Osiris. His uncle Seth tried to kill him in order to become king of the gods, but Horus was saved by the magical skill and cunning of his mother, Isis. Nepthys, Horus' aunt, aided her sister in his escape. Because both goddesses were magicians, they were excellent protectors of the vulnerable mummy. Amulets such as this were generally placed on the lower torso of the deceased.


Reference: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Petrie, W. M. Flinders, Amulets (London, 1914), pl. XXVII, no. 152a-b


Period: 26th Dynasty, 664 – 525 BC


Condition: Very fine, complete and intact.

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