Egyptian Pendant with Steatite Fish Scaraboid

£ 300.00

An Egyptian fish scarab amulet carved in steatite and pierced longitudinally for suspension. It bears a rounded front, carved in relief to depict a tilapia fish. On the underside are carved some decorative hieroglyphs. The pendant is re-mounted on a gold wire from the Victorian era.

Date: Circa 1550-1069 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period. The gold wire is dated to the Victorian era.
Condition: Fine, re-mounted. The amulet is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Fish were highly valued in Ancient Egypt, for as well as being an essential food source, fishing in the Nile provided the opportunity for relaxation and friendly competition. The fish in the Nile included Tilapia, tiger fish, eels, catfish, and elephant nosed-fish, and would be caught using nets, spears, and fishing lines, much like they are today. Many of the fish caught would then be prepared and taken to the market to sell.  Considering that amulets were often used to bring luck or protection to the wearer, perhaps this amulet was intended to ensure a good fish yield.

Dimensions L 5 cm

North Africa