Egyptian Terracotta Shabti

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An interesting and unusual example of an Ancient Egyptian red slip terracotta statuette of a Shabti. The figure displays the typical and distinctive attributes of Egyptian Shabtis, such as the hoe and pot, in this case simply incised to the chest. Facial features are rendered in a stylised manner, with wide-opened eyes, big mouth and pinched nose.

Date: Circa 1200-1075 BC
Period: Late New Kingdom
Condition: Fine, complete and intact. Minor encrustations and signs of aging to the surface.
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Shabtis (or Ushabtis) were figurines in mummified form, which were placed in Egyptian tombs to perform any manual labour, required by the deceased in the afterlife, hence the hoe and the pot carried by the Shabti. Shabti dolls are the most numerous type of artefact to survive from ancient Egypt (besides scarabs). As noted, they were found in the tombs of people from all classes of society, poorest to most wealthy and commoner to king.

To discover more about these fascinating objects, please visit our relevant post: Egyptian Shabti: Companions in the Afterlife.

Dimensions H 19 cm



North Africa

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