Egyptian-Hyksos Scarab Swivel Ring

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A finely modelled Ancient Egyptian bronze ring with a longitudinally placed and pierced steatite scarab. The base of the scarab features a human figure and a gazelle carved depiction.

Date: Circa 1630–1523 BC
Period: Hyksos Period
Condition: Very fine, intact.


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Hyksos were a group of people from Western Asia that took over the eastern Nile Delta, ending the 14th Dynasty and initiating the Second Intermediate Period. The Hyksos brought several technical improvements to Egypt, as well as cultural influences. The changes introduced included new techniques of bronze working and pottery, new breeds of animals and new crops. In warfare, they introduced the horse and chariot, the composite bow, improved battle axes, and advanced fortification techniques.

Dimensions L 2.2 cm





North Africa

Egyptian Mythology


Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 56.152.11.

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