Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Head of Female Deity

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A fine Romano-Egyptian terracotta figure depicting the head of a female deity, possibly Hera, Demeter or Aphrodite. She possesses stylistic traits belonging to both Roman and Egyptian cultures, and is mounted on a custom-made stand. Facial features are worn due to ageing, she is wearing a prominent headpiece. This head fragment would have originally belonged to a votive statuette produced in Alexandrian workshops, exported for the cult of Egyptian gods and divinities in the Mediterranean.

Date: Circa 1st Century BC-2nd Century AD
Provenance: North London gentleman, in storage from the 1970’s, then property of a West London gentleman.
Condition: Fine condition, signs of natural ageing. Mounted on a custom-made stand. Please note that the measurements provided are including the stand.
Product Code: RES-177
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This statuette is a beautiful example of the cultural and aesthetic syncretism which was common in antiquity across the Mediterranean regions. It was perfectly accepted in the Ancient world that other deities could exist and that they had no less legitimacy than those in one’s territory. Roman, Greek and Egyptian deities were often likened to one another and often would share physical attributes when portrayed in art.

To discover more about how terracotta statuettes were made, please visit our relevant post: The Making of Terracotta Statuettes in Antiquity.

Dimensions W 3 x H 7.5 cm

North Africa



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